Compound Interest Calculator - Future Value Of An Investment

This is a very useful compound interest calculator. Here you can calculate the future value of an initial deposit/investment after a specified period (in years) rate of interest.

This is a quick guide of how to use the compound interest calculator:
1. "Enter an Initial amount" - this is the starting amount for the calculation
2. "Annual addition" - if you plan adding to your initial amount every year, you can enter it here.
3. "Interest rate / ROI in %" - This is the field where you have to enter the interest rate percentage. Type it just as a number, without the "%" sign after it.
4. "Number of years:" For how many years do you want to calculate the compounding. This is the period of the investment/deposit in years.
5. "Reinvested profit %:" - Every year you earn interest on your money. Do you plan to withdraw it and what part of it? If you don't want to withdraw any percentage of your earned interes yearly, leave this "100", which means that you reinvest all (100%) of the earned interest.

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Compounding Interest Calculator

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